Geography of North Africa and Southwest Asia

Geography of North Africa and Southwest Asia

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Lecturer: izr. prof. dr. Vintar Mally Katja


- Geographical regionalization of North Africa and Southwest Asia.
- Historical background of the region.
- Basics of region's physical geography: geological development and geomorphological features, climate, hydrogeography, soils and biomes, environmental hazards, ecological problems and challenges in natural resources use.
- Population: its characteristics (population growth, population distribution, ethnic and religious structure, age, education and health situation) and their impact on the landscape.
- Economic geography: the role of the region in the world economy and its economic features (agriculture, non-agricultural activities, energy and mineral resources).
- Geographical characteristics of individual parts of the region (Southwest Africa, Southeast Africa, Southwest Asia), their contemporary socio-economic problems, political issues (conflicts) and environmental challenges.