Theoretization of Global Horizont

Theoretization of Global Horizont

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Kos Živa, doc. dr. Krašovec Primož


The course deals with both history and today’s structure of modern state as well as with its relation to capitalist economy. The semester begins with an account of pre-history of modern, bourgeois state - feudalism and ancien regime -, to be followed by an exploration of the difference between modern and pre-modern state, which shows the first’s uniqueness on both theoretical (change from personal to impersonal power) and historical (a process of bourgeois revolutions, which abolishes previous system of privileges) level.
The course continues with an analysis of a the relation between modern state and capitalism, showing firstly that their historical interrelation is coincidental (historical processes that lead to a modern state also allow for the emergence of capitalism, but do not cause it), and, secondly, that politics and economy are in modern capitalist states connected and separated at the same time. We conclude with some contemporary examples like social and economic policy of the EU.