Slovene Language

Slovene Language

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Smolej Mojca

The course specifies fundamental elements of the contemporary Slovene linguistic situation; it determines the social status of the Slovene language through a short historic overview and contemporary national and international definition. The course defines the Slovene language as a continuum of territorial, social, functional and other language varieties. Special attention is paid to the definition of the standard Slovene language as the codified language variety. It explains the systemic, textual and identity logic of the language norm. Students familiarise themselves in detail with the key reference books on the standard Slovene language (Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika, Slovenski pravopis, Slovenska slovnica), and key contemporary language sources (corpuses of the Slovene language Fidaplus and Nova Beseda); with their own analytic work they learn about the nature of the relationship between contemporary language reality, its description and language rule. In a separate part linguistic image of Slovene literary texts in presented regarding their historic development and genre variety.