Language A in Theory and Practice 2: Slovak

Language A in Theory and Practice 2: Slovak

Study Cycle: 2

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 120

ECTS credit: 12

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Sevšek Šramel Špela, izr. prof. dr. Pallay Jozef, izr. prof. dr. Stankovska Petra, izr. prof. dr. Wtorkowska Maria Zofia, lekt. Lacova Hana

The course upgrades the bachelor's degree knowledge, comprehension, written and oral language use in the demanding communicative situations (politics, diplomacy, economics, intercultural exchange). Students work with texts and learn about the structure and methods of forming professional and scientific texts. Understanding and summarizing audio professional texts (professional discussion, lecture, presentation, statement ...).
Student explore different stylistic processes in the formation of texts (especially those related to professional or scientific texts, such as argumentation, demonstration, persuasion).
Working with texts they also deepen systemic grammar knowledge obtained in the bachelor's degree study (morphology, syntax, stylistics).
They prepare oral presentation on a selected topic (semantic fields).
They translate texts of various genres with an emphasis on scientific and technical texts.
They compare different translation solutions and the individual choices and learn how to justify and defend them.

1 Overview of the development of the Slovak language. 2 Theories about the origin of Slovak. 3 The hypothesis of non-homogeneous proto-Slavic ethnogenesis of the Slovak language. 4 Hypothesis of homogeneous proto-Slavic ethnogenesis of the Slovak language. 5 The Western Slavic and non-Western Slavic elements in proto-Slavic basis of the Slovak language. 6 Development of consonants and vowels. 7 Changes in the morphological structure. 8 The development of vocabulary. 9 Classification of dialectal makro-regions. 10 Western Slovak, Central Slovak and Eastern Slovak dialects and their features. 11 Slovak dialects abroad.