English Syntax Exercises

English Syntax Exercises

Avtor: Kristina Gregorčič, Frančiška Lipovšek, Monika Kavalir
This collection of various exercises and texts is intended to help students of English develop their understanding of English syntax. The exercises have been designed to be used for productive practice and analysis during the English Syntax seminar classes. They are comprised of material that has been extracted from authentic sources. The workbook covers the content of the undergraduate course in English Syntax, encompassing syntactic relations and processes on phrase, clause and sentence levels. Particular attention is paid to the structure of nominal, adjectival and prepositional phrases, the structure of simple sentences, agreement, word order, structures with dummy constituents, adverbials, coordination and subordination. Special emphasis is given to English-specific syntactic phenomena and processes that are a source of difficulties for Slovene learners of English due to the differences in the linguistic systems of English and Slovene.

Leto izida: 2023

Št. strani: 76

Tip vezave: Mehka vezava

ISBN: 9789612971779

Zbirka: Učbeniki FF

Redna cena: 7,90 EUR
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