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Spletna zimska šola Cultural Historical Studies – Dunaj



Univerza na Dunaju organizira spletno kulturnozgodovinsko zimsko šolo: "The Discovery of Modernity - Vienna Around 1900", od 6. do 19. 2. 2021.


Več informacij o programu, organizaciji in prijavah najdete na spletni strani šole: http://shs.univie.ac.at/winter-school in v spodnjem angleškem sporočilu organizatorjev. Rok za prijave je 31. 12. 2020.


The winter school courses provide a well-structured introduction into one of the most fascinating periods of Austria's intellectual history in a short time. The culture of the fin-de-siècle is one of the highlights in the history of the Habsburg Monarchy.


The two-week program offers a variety of academic courses taught live online. The courses are held by distinguished scholars with international teaching experience. The interdisciplinary lectures will lead to a thorough understanding of the input of the fin-de-siècle on the modernization of Europe.


The live online courses encourage interactive participation. These courses with international participants offer the possibility to discuss the influence of developments in Vienna (e.g. the famous psychoanalyst Freud, painters like Klimt and Schiele, musicians like Mahler and Schönberg or philosophers like Wittgenstein) on different cultures in Europe and other continents.


A welcome session will introduce the participants to the winter school and give them the opportunity to meet informally with the staff and each other.


The winter program also includes an online tour of Vienna's Ringstraße and Art Nouveau in Vienna.


Social online gatherings as well as group work in breakout rooms will encourage intercultural and social exchange between the students. Participants thus broaden their horizon, meet colleagues from different fields of study, and make new friends.



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